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I am an accomplished interviewer having recorded 100s of hours of interviews, in Russia, USA Europe and UK, many of which are featured in online and permanent exhibitions at the RAF Museum, the IWM, International Bomber Command Centre and Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum USA. (see Showreel Clips)


I am passionate about history and have directed, written and produced over 100 archive-based documentaries, exhibition AVs and fund-raising productions for major TV companies, national museums and distributors I am familiar with the contents of most major film and picture archives, having researched material in the UK, Australia, Russia and in the USA.



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I am a Free-lance Researcher, Producer, Editor and Cameraman, specialising in archive-based documentaries and films that features 20 Centaury air warfare, the British Empire, military as well as civil aviation, and social history.


As a film-maker I have produced commercials, television programmes, educational videos, fund raising and awareness films.  Presently I am producing a series of archive and Interview based documentaries as part of the ‘RAF Outposts of Empire Project’ , these are now showing on Amazon Prime and are also available through the website  



My Career started as a film company Messenger in London (Tony Cuthbert Cartoons) then Sound Effects Editor, Projectionist, Optical Cameraman, (Roy Turk Opticals) Proprietor (Tod Nicol Rostrums, Edinburgh) Free-lance Rostrum Cameraman (Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ London) Head of Rostrum Cameras (Tyne Tees Television, Newcastle) Free-lance Assistant Producer, Free-lance Editor and Cameraman. (see Showreel Clips)


Recent Significant work:


2012: Lion TV, Bomber Boys, Specialist Researcher; Bomber Command documentary, presented by Colin and Ewan McGregor. (see Showreel Clips)


2015: Hawker Hurricane V7497, Research project into the pilots, archive material and historical information to publicise the conservation of a Battle of Britain fighter plane that was shot down in 1940 and will shortly to be restored to flight (see


1998-2017: Free-Lance Producer and Editor, Imperial War Museum; Historic Duxford Exhibition and American Air Museum as well as Exhibition AVs and DVDs for Interpretation, Marketing and Education Departments. (see Showreel Clips)


2018: Wall to Wall Television 'Fire in the Sky'; World War Two Television Series proposal; Specialist Adviser.


2015-Present: 'RAF Outposts of Empire': a video history and archive project to research and record video interviews with former Royal Air Force personal, and their families who served overseas during the Second World War, the Malayan Emergency, Suez Crisis, Aden Emergency, Borneo, the Cold War, Falklands Campaign and other conflicts, and peace, through to recent times; Producer, Researcher and Originator. (see


The 'RAF Outposts of Empire' archive is now approaching 150 hours of interviews from over 70 contributors, from which a website and two feature length documentaries have been produced so far: 'RAF Malta, George Cross Island' and 'RAF Habbaniya, Iraq, Jewel of the Desert'.  

Each documentary tells the story of one of the former, or still existing, ‘RAF Outposts of Empire’ and reveals through interviews with veterans, historians and commentary, their origins and purpose during the 100-year history of the RAF through wars, peace, siege, occupation and victory.   


The interviews and documentaries are a unique record of life in distant parts of the shrinking British Empire and its territories such as Singapore, Iraq, India, Malaya, Malta, Aden the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Bermuda, Hong Kong and many other, all but forgotten, parts of the world, and preserve the recollections of veterans who served, lived and sometimes died in these 'Outposts', before they disappear along with their memories and experiences, for ever! (see Showreel Clips)