2011-2013: Imperial War Museum Duxford - Historic Duxford exhibition: An award winning exhibition examining RAF Duxford's military and social history from the First World War to the Cold War.  Tod's role:  Research, editing and camera. 

2012: IWM Duxford PR Dept. -  An Introduction to IWM 2012:  A ten minute ‘hand-out’ DVD summarising IWM Duxford’s history and development from a First World War RAF Airfield to its present role as Europe’s foremost aviation museum.  Tod's role: Writing, production, research, camera and editing. 

Historic Duxford Exhibition

An Introduction to IWM  Duxford

Voiceover by Piers Gibbon: www.piersgibbon.com Visit the Duxford site at: www.iwm.org.uk/visits/iwm-duxford