RAF Outposts of Empire,

RAF Malta, George Cross Island, preview


RAF Outposts of Empire


'RAF Malta, George Cross Island':

This 105-minute film, traces the history of the Royal Air Force on Malta from its humble beginnings at Royal Naval Air Station at Kalafrana during the First World War, through the siege of Malta, during the Second World War, the Cold War and up to its final days at RAF Luqa, prior to the British withdrawal in 1979.


Archive film from the World-famous Imperial War Museum (IWM) and photos from Bay Retro and Malta National Archives illustrate the memories of veterans who flew from Malta and ran the gauntlet to resupply the Island with Spitfires. The Cold War is recalled by the men who flew anti-submarine patrols in Shackleton, Canberra and Nimrod aircraft tracking down Soviet warships and peering over the Iron Curtain.


‘RAF Habbaniya, Iraq, Jewel of the Desert’:

The 105-minute program reveals the story of the Kingdom of Iraq and the part the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force played in forming and maintaining peace in the Kingdom from 1915 to the final bloody end of the Hashemite Monarchy in 1959.


The Interviews are illustrated with never before seen archive film from the vaults of the RAF Museum, depicting life on the Station during the fragile peace of the 1930s.  British Pathé Newsreels and 1940s film from IWM depict the second World War Years and unique 1950’s Colour film from the RAF Habbaaniya Association show the station in its final years.


Both films are available on DVD and USB stick through the website www.outposts-of-empire.co.uk


Coming Soon 'RAF Singapore':

The story of Britain’s strategic base in the Far East; it’s little known part in World War One, the interwar years – the fall of Fortress Singapore, Japanese occupation, the 22-year Malayan conflict, the Cold War and eventual withdrawal.


Further titles for 2019 and beyond: RAF Gibraltar, Cyprus, Aden and more.


RAF Outposts of Empire,

RAF Habbaniya, Iraq, Jewel of the Desert, preview


RAF Outposts of Empire,

Coming Soon: RAF Singapore